Terms of Service

Rules that we follow


Magently is a business that specializes in tasks related to Magento and broadly understood programming. All our projects are based on an hourly mode of work. You can think of us as a developer in your company, but whom you can hire for a short period of time to carry out specific assignments. Therefore, you can purchase a particular package of hours and one of our developers will work for the given time on previously specified tasks and related issues that are necessary to complete the assignment. We can also handle large projects for you on similar terms.

Quotation process

When preparing a project quote, we’ll provide you with a rough number of hours that should be sufficient to perform a given task. The final amount of time spent on the project may vary from the estimated value for many reasons, such as: difficulties caused by the materials provided after the start of a project, the quality of the existing code that we are to work on, or changes to your original concept. However, we’ll notify you each time if the requested implementation should take longer than planned.

In order to estimate the time needed for the work on your existing website, we need to check the status of the site. We use a tool that allows us to find out which Magento version you use and which patches you have installed. By sending us a link to your website, you agree that we conduct such a scan and that you are the right person to grant us such permission.


Before the payment, we can notify you when we can commence the work. However, the starting date becomes binding only after receiving the payment and confirming that this date is still available. Only then the developer is booked to start working on your project on the specified date.

Unused hours

All remaining hours can be used to carry out another project that we agree on. Alternatively, they can be refunded at your request. Note that unused hours are valid for one year from the date of purchase (this includes transfer to a new project and potential refund).

Operating hours

Magently provides its services between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. GMT +1, Monday to Friday.


At Magently, we only accept payment in advance in the form of hourly packages for any works that we perform.

Inserting content

Magently developers (or any other employees) do not take care of uploading content to the website. It means that during the implementation of the project we can add some items to check how given elements operate or look, but we don’t manually fill the whole website with products or their description. However, if you provide us with a database dump or product information in a relevant form, we can add them to the website using a script.


By default, our code is compatible with the following browsers: current version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge and iPhone and iPad native browsers. If you need compatibility with other browsers (like IE11), please let us know.