Proficient Magento developers


You can track the results of our work throughout the whole
project with the previews updated on a regular basis and view the current code on GitHub. Would you like to move your shop to Magento? Create a new theme for your shop? Or maybe add the responsive version? No worries, we can handle it all!


We can create Magento modules of various functionality and size. If you need us to improve an existing module, that's also not a problem! We can constantly develop your module each month, feature by feature. Simply let us know your requirements.


Updates to a newer version of Magento are needed to make sure that your shop always has the maximum security and functionality. We can perform it for you and use Vagrant to simulate your environment. The whole operation is first done on our local instance and then the updated site is uploaded to your server.


Have a problem you can't handle? A module doesn't work or your site shows an error? We can investigate your code and use code sniffers to solve the issue quickly.

Technologies that we use

All files we work on are versioned for easier cooperation and better project control.


Composer helps us manage dependencies between libraries. Most likely, you are also using it.


Magento 2 js operations are handled by KO.js when dynamic UI refresh is needed.


Magento 2 introduced css preprocessors. We use Sass for all of our css styles.


The automation server, that provides support for building, deploying and automating any project.


A remote server automation and deployment tool written in Ruby, but it can easily be used to deploy any language.


Gerrit provides web based code review and repository management for the Git.


The less work you have to do when performing repetitive tasks, the easier your job becomes.