Hourly rates
We provide you with an estimate upon receiving the specification/designs. You can pay in instalments if the project is big, for example, you can purchase 40 hours package every week. If you want us to carry out fixes, you can send us a to-do list every now and then and buy packages for particular tasks only. If you have ongoing work and a particular budget to spend each month, we can agree on monthly hourly packages so that you'll be sure we work a specific amount of time every month.
Purchased hours never expire so they can be easily transferred to a new project.
Sample prices
  • Simple ecommerce - 200 - 300 hours
  • Simple module - from 50 hours
  • Adding responsive - from 60 hours
  • Magento upgrade - from 40 hours

You buy the exact amount of hours you need so you can choose the best option for you: a particular amount of hours for each month for all ongoing projects, such as extension development or site maintenance; small hourly packages for individual fixes or bigger packages for building whole websites.


You don't pay for the whole project in advance so you're not taking any risk. You have a full access to the code throughout our work. If you decide to limit the scope or change it at any point of the project, that's fine, just let us know. There won't be any new contracts or negotiations involved.

Test drive

If you still have concerns, you can always test our services before purchasing a bigger hourly package. A small package will be sufficient for us to prove that we know our job well. We will perform an audit of your code and after 10 hours you will receive a report detailing suggested improvements. This is a great way for you to get to know us and the best solution for us to get familiar with your website before we start working on it.