Our process is business- centered

Our process is business- centered

Our process is business- centered

Our process is business- centered

Through many years of experience in working with various Magento-based endeavors, we have established a unique development process that goes hand in glove with the needs of a modern business. See how our methodology can fit into every stage of your product’s evolution:

Your vision

You have a nifty idea that needs to take shape, and you're searching for Magento experts.

Our expertise

You send us a draft framework and together we flesh out the details (via emails and a scheduled call).


We provide you with a number of possible scenarios. Let's discuss them and pick one that aligns best with your vision – we're flexible!

Safety first

We create a stable, efficient working environment to ensure your product's safe growth.

Detailed roadmap

We plan ahead and keep you in the loop during every stage of the development process.


Transparent communication is one of the key foundations of every successful business endeavor. With weekly calls and frequent updates we make sure everybody's on the same page.


We adapt to your vision as well as your workflow and provide you with the tools that you need.


We're an Agile team. Tangible results will come quickly in incremental waves that will allow you to enjoy an early MVP version of the product.


We stay with you for the long-term. It is our goal to promote and nurture close-knit business relations with our clients and help them constantly improve the product that we've built together.


Extensive knowledge of your product allows us to put forward suggestions regarding its optimization.


There's always room for improvement. Every business has to adapt to the winds of change, and we know how to make your product stand out from the crowd.