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Get incredible performance results on your Magento store powerhouse thanks to the modern Hyvä Themes frontend made by Magently - official Hyvä partners.

Top-notch performance

Magento’s default external libraries and complex stylesheet ship as much as 5MB of data. Hyvä reduces Magento’s bulky tech stack to two modern frameworks – TailwindCSS and AlpineJS.

Cutting on dependencies is enough to make your Magento performance results go through the roof. Perfect Lighthouse and PageSpeed scores on a Magento store? Absolutely possible with Hyvä!

High-performance scores translate directly to search engine positioning and on-site conversions – crucial factors for any e-commerce website.

Hyvä Themes

Faster development

Hyvä Themes is easier to work with and has a mild learning curve compared to traditional Magento themes. TailwindCSS and AlpineJS frameworks are much better to work with than outdated KnockoutJS.

While it doesn’t make a massive difference for store users, it does make a difference for the development budget and timeframes. Hyvä Themes takes up to 30% less time to develop than regular Magento themes like Luma.

Efficient Development

Hyvä Themes perks


Top-notch performance

Get near-perfect performance results thanks to stripped down Hyvä tech stack.

Increase conversion

Boost your SEO and KPIs thanks to faster loading speed.

Quick development

Quick development

Save time and money thanks to faster and more efficient development.

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Part Catalog

How we achieved perfect performance results thanks to Hyvä Themes.

Part Catalog was our first client to embark with us on a Hyvä journey. This large e-store with car parts was a great asset for its clients, but suffered from performance issues, partially caused by its outdated Magento theme.

When we decided to rebuild their store with Hyvä, we had high expectations, but the result exceeded them. We achieved perfect performance results on desktop, while managing to improve mobile score from 10 to 97. Currently, the Part Catalog website subpages load in an instant and it’s a pleasure to use.

Part Catalog Lighthouse Perfect Performance Score

Read more in our blog post.

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