As experienced Magento developers, we are happy to hold another season of Magento Meetup Wrocław! Meetups will take place every 3 months, at the hospitable Cocofli Books Art Cafe Wine Bar, in the heart of the unique Four Denominations District of Wrocław. As always, those meetings are about sharing knowledge and expertise in the field of Magento technology.

Magento Meetup Wrocław calendar for the 2018/19 season:

Call for presentations!

If you wish to show a case study or some of your work on Magento, send us a brief of your topic to Please provide us with the planned date of your performance. Note that the language of presentation is Polish.


Meetup 18.06.2019 | confirmed presentations:

Jan Żaba, Magento Developer in Magently Wrocław
Jan Żaba – Tech Lead | TIM S.A.:
How to write high quality code?
Łukasz Romanowicz z Divante podczas 7 edycji Magento Meetup Wrocław będzie przedstawiał przypadek pracy z API w platformie Magento2
Łukasz Romanowicz, Divante:
The art of building API for Magento 2


Magento Meetups Wrocław:
boosting local Magento developers community

Magento Meetups Wrocław - Boosting local Magento developers community

Wrocław is a city full of creative people, who all contribute to an ongoing mission to improve the world we live in. And so we are proud to be part of this cultural ecosystem with our regular meetups and to create a platform for networking and sharing.

We are an open group of Magento users.

We aim to build a space to meet other Magento lovers and share ideas. Space, where anyone with any experience of Magento is always welcome. Our events will provide developers with an insight into how others use the technology in growing e-business.

Be a part of the team!
Join us at the official Magento Meetup Wrocław group and follow us on our Facebook page.

Past Magento Meetup Wrocław presentations:

Meetup 19.03.2019


Magento Meetup Wrocław 6th edition - Piotr Makowski as a Magento developer for The Virtua Ltd. speaks of Venia Storefront concept in Magento2
Piotr Makowski, The Virtua Ltd.:
Venia Storefront concept


Magento Meetup Wrocław 6th edition - Yevhe Shyshkin explains how to properly Review the code
Yevhen Shyshkin, Oro Poland:
Code Review Best Practices


Marek Syrek - założyciel i CEO w Virtua. Marek jest byłym programistą PHP z ponad 15-sto letnim doświadczeniem oraz certyfikowanym programistą Magento.
Marek Syrek, The Virtua:
Docker for Mac – possible solutions to performance problems


Meetup 11.12.2018 


Maciej Harbuz, X-Coding IT Studio
Maciej Harbuz, X-Coding IT Studio:
What happens when we stop rearranging the watches? Date and time in Magento with a multistore
PL: Co się stanie, gdy przestaniemy przestawiać zegarki? Data i czas w Magento z multistore


Jan Żaba, Magento Developer in Magently Wrocław
Jan Żaba, Magently:
Working with legacy code in Magento
PL: Kto to Panu tak ładnie zrobił? Czyli rzecz o pracy z kodem zastanym w Magento.


Meetup 18.09.2018

Maciej Siadak is experienced senior Magento developer from Magently, Wrocław, Poland

Maciej Siadak, Magently:

One Page Checkout in Magento 2 – customize steps and functionalities