How to use jQuery widgets in Magento 2

Magento 2 offers a highly advanced frontend development system. One of its components is JQuery, which is available by default. It is the base of many JavaScript widgets and makes the work with Magento 2 frontend much easier. There’s no need to write another dropdown script, we can use the one built into Magento. We […]

Magento 2 Backend Configuration: Frontend Model (part 3/3)

Welcome to the third and last article of the Magento 2 Backend Configuration series. So far you’ve found out how to use source models (for providing data) and backend models (for managing actions before and after saving). Today we will focus on the Frontend Model responsible for our fields view. We don’t mean changing the […]

Magento 2 Widgets tutorial

Widgets are a great functionality of Magento, which is unfortunately often brushed aside by developers. This is partly because of a lack of resources which would in simple terms explain their usage and implementation to inexperienced coders. Widgets combine the simplicity of using CMS blocks with the extensiveness of templates. They allow us to leave […]

Magento 2 Backend Configuration: Backend Model (part 2/3)

In the last article we discussed the Source Model and today, we’ll delve into the advantages of the Backend Model. When we save values in configuration of e.g. our previously created model, various actions take place. Thanks to the Backend Model we are able to control the actions prior to saving (using the beforeSave() method) […]