Magento 2 – Custom Sales Rule condition

Cart Sales Rule One of the features available by default in Magento is Sales Rule. The module is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to manage all types of discounts and promotions. You can find it in the Admin panel -> Marketing -> Cart Sales Rules. You can define many different options in which […]

Migrating Magento 1 to Magento 2

Let’s talk about migrating to Magento 2. Is it something easy to do? How long will it take? Where should we start and what should we think of before performing a migration? Eventually, what tools should we use? I will try to answer these questions.

Introduction to Knockout.js in Magento 2

Knockout was one of the biggest changes introduced to the world of Magento 2 frontend and while in the beginning it can be really hard to grasp, at the end of the day it comes out as a really useful tool that’s fun to work with. The library in question really shines in cases where […]