A view from our office

Our strengths
Expert approach

We use the newest technologies to check our work, share it and improve it. We're very efficient thanks to our advanced knowledge and experience.

Business knowledge

Understanding of the business rules helps us meet your needs. We don't blindly complete your requests, but we analyze your requirements and advise accordingly so that the delivered solutions are effective.


The world isn't perfect and we are aware of it! This is why our clients get all possible help with starting the assignment and during the whole project. We work hard to assist you in achieving your goals easily.

Our team

The members of our team are not only skillful programmers with many years of experience in web development, but also very interesting people: surfers, musicians, brewers and cyclists. We all live in Wrocław, work here, learn from each other and never outsource our work. Our office is based in the city centre. If you'd like to pay us a visit, feel free to let us know. We'd be happy to meet you in person.

Filip Jaśkiewicz

His programming background and knowledge of the business principles make him a bridge between our clients and developers. He looks after the team and supervises developers' work and the relations with the clients.

Monika Milewska
Project Manager

The main point of contact. She's been working with various clients for years, building long-term relationships and taking care of translations. Also, a photographer amateur and an avid traveller

Michał Kamiński
Project Manager

A linguist, with experience in customer service and corporate finance. Loves spending time in the garden and learning foreign languages.

Paweł Tatarczuk
Web Developer

Server and security specialist with comprehensive knowledge. Despite his young age he's very responsible and makes the most experienced programmer in the team. He's got a strong theoretical background and practical skills in programming.

Maciek Lewkowicz
Web Developer

Loves automation and the newest programming technologies. A man of many diverse talents, from music to electronics. He always has a good library, a framework or a module up his sleeve.

Jan Żaba
Web Developer

Before he started doing Magento, he had worked with PHP and WordPress for many years. He is well familiar with frontend ins and outs, including HTML, CSS and various instances of JS. Privately, he’s a scout for life.

Cezary Żegleń
Web Developer

A very promising programmer, quickly improving his Magento skills. A frontend specialist who can demonstrate a professional attitude and the accuracy of his solutions despite his young age.

Antoni Paszkow
Web Developer

Antek is a PHP programmer who's learnt Magento by writing custom modules for the platform. He’s interested in sport shooting and krav maga.

Roman Ludwicki
Web Developer

A passionate programmer with a wealth of experience that he used working for many companies all over Europe. Sensitive to social issues, he volunteers, loves to spend time outdoors, and is interested in runic writing.

Maciej Siadak
Web Developer

Previously a server admin and a programmer, he currently specializes in Magento. As he's oriented at UX, he understands customers' needs and forsees their questions. Privately, a longboard and bike enthiusiast, he's also into videogames.

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