Our strengths

Expert approach

We use the newest technologies to check our work, share it and improve it. We're very efficient thanks to our advanced knowledge and experience.

Business knowledge

Understanding of the business rules helps us meet your needs. We don't blindly complete your requests, but we analyze your requirements and advise accordingly so that the delivered solutions are effective.


The world isn't perfect and we are aware of it! This is why our clients get all possible help with starting the assignment and during the whole project. We work hard to assist you in achieving your goals easily.

Our team

The members of our team are not only skillful programmers with many years of experience in web development, but also very interesting people: surfers, musicians, brewers and cyclists. We all live in Wrocław, work here, learn from each other and never outsource our work. Our office is based in the city centre. If you'd like to pay us a visit, feel free to let us know. We'd be happy to meet you in person.
Maciek Zawada
Team Leader

Has a linguistic background. Has had a communication-related job for as long as he can remember. Responsible, friendly and funny (at least to himself). In his free time, manages a small family. Loves to travel, look at airplanes and point his camera at things.

Adrian Iwańczak
Project Manager

Analyst, multi-tasker, a man of stoic calm. Maniac of project management, IT, and self-development. Fan of many sports, especially football and Formula 1.

Monika Lachowicz
Project Manager

Energetic manager putting her skills to work both professionally and privately (you should see her family, they are a handful). Always willing to help and to get involved. In her free time, she likes playing golf and going on motorbike rides.

Tomek Barski
Business Development Manager

Jack of all trades with experience in marketing, sales, analytics, and project management. Avid explorer of English language and culture. Loves writing, making music, video games, learning new skills, and playing with his dog.

Magdalena Ślęzak
Marketing Specialist

Marketing enthusiast. She never gets bored, her head is always full of ideas.
A fan of Wroclaw and its pre-war architecture. Restaurants' lover. She relaxes while solving puzzles. In her free time, she builds houses in The Sims 3.

Adrian Szulc
Tech Leader, Senior Web Developer

A talented developer with a knack for PHP, interested in new technologies and history. A sushi connoisseur.

Cezary Żegleń
Cezary Żegleń
Cezary Żegleń
Senior Web Developer

A fullstack developer interested in operations and automation. He can demonstrate a professional attitude and accuracy of his solutions. Senior developer by day, superhero at night. Loves photography and travelling.

Maciej Siadak
Senior Web Developer

Previously a server admin and a programmer, he currently specializes in Magento. As he's oriented at UX, he understands customers' needs and forsees their questions. Privately, a longboard and bike enthiusiast, he's also into videogames.

Dawid Mączyński
Senior Web Developer

A hobbyist webdeveloper fascinated with Magento. He always seeks the most suitable solutions to all kinds of complex problems. Also a keen photographer, plays bass and loves to drive.

Adam Kaczmar
Senior Web Developer

Perhaps the best frontend developer in the team, well-seasoned in the backend too. Gamer, gardener, and an afficionado of documentary films.

Krzysztof Wołowski
Web Developer

A PHP developer who takes frontend assignments with equal joy. Always thinking about clever ways to improve things to help customers stay ahead of the game. A big fan of audiobooks and a terrible swimmer.

Paweł Auguściński
Senior Web Developer

Has vast experience in PHP and it's frameworks, so Magento is his second nature. A problem solver and board game enthusiast.

Dawid Włodarczyk
Web Developer

David is a seasoned full-stack developer with mobile app and CRM systems background. In his free time, he dives into PC gaming, 3d printing and racing drones. With all that, he somehow finds time to toy with electronics or watch countless TV series.

Mateusz Balcerzak
Web Developer

Mateusz likes to delve in backend and in Magently he does just that. After hours, he explores creating three-dimensional graphic engines, of all things.

Magdalena Kolarz

Looking for bugs everyday so that our clients don't have to. Magda trains long-distance running in a Forest Gump's style: "if I was ever going somewhere, I was running!"

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